Thomas Jones

Thomas was born at Preston Brook in 1899 to to Alfred and Elizabeth. His mother was the daughter of local boatman Peter Scragg, and at the time of Thomas’s birth, his father was station master of Preston Brook station.

By 1911 the family had moved to Rainhill for Alfred’s job. In the household at the same time was Elizabeth’s nephew, Henry Roughsedge.

Thomas enlisted at Warrington  in April 1917 and ended up in the 55th Squadron of the newly formed RAF, attaining the rank of 2nd Lieutentant. On the 30th August 1918, Thomas was a navigator in a DH4 bi-plane undertaking a bombing raid on Conflans and Thionville. Although the mission was successful, he and his comrade 2nd Lieutenant Robert Ian Alexander Hickes were shot down and killed as they made their way home.

They were both 19 years old.

The plane crashed just meters from the parish church at  Latour-en-Woevre (photographs of the wreckage can be found here) and both young men were buried in the parish cemetery.