From its beginning in around 1770 to the present day, Preston Brook Wharf is a site that has seen and done some amazing things. We’re constantly researching the wharf and her people, from porters to boaters, cargo to holiday hire, and if you have any snippets or photo’s you’d like to share then we’d love to hear from you!

We’re also proud to support Heatherfield Heritage, an organisation as keen as us on preserving the past. You can visit their website here¬†

A brief timeline of the wharf:

1770: Work begins on the Preston Brook tunnel. The wharf is functional as a depot for construction materials.

1777: The Trent and Mersey canal is completed, allowing goods from the midlands to arrive for transhipment to Manchester and Liverpool

1785: The first build, “the Clay shed” is recorded on the site.

1837: Preston Brook railway station is opened. The line is specifically located to allow railway interchange with the canal.

1860: A steam engine is fitted in the warehouse to power the hoists and pulleys on the site.

1864: Steam tugs are introduced at the Preston Brook tunnel

1934: Areas of the wharf are demolished to allow the widening of the Chester road bridge.¬† The wharf’s steam engine is removed and traffic is now directed to the Norton warehouses.

circa 1940: The main warehouse is brought back into service to store lard for the war effort

circa 1960: The remaining warehouses are demolished.

1973:Jack Clay takes on the site for his new hireboat venture, Claymoore narrowboats.

2019: Claymoore cease trading

2021: Preston Brook Wharf reopens under new custodians. The first boat in nearly 100 years is loaded on the wharf